A Spiritual Animal en route to Human Optimization

Born and grew up in China, I no longer identify as a citizen of any country.

It hasn't been an easy ride since 2020. Fortunately, these core values guided me through a resilient journey as my North Star. Without them, I wouldn't bounce back to profound growth. They propel me onto an untamed path.

Radical Openminded-Ness

Inspired by Ray Dalio’s Principles"Radical open-mindedness is the ability to effectively explore different points of view and different possibilities without letting your ego or your blind spots get in your way."Drop the egoistic self. Bring as many diverse experiences as possible in life. Curiosity enhances me questioning the reality. Nothing can threaten the self to death when I have nothing to lose. It nurtures the fertile soil for unlimited possibilities.Avoid stupidity. Don't overlook or dismiss conspicuously crucial information. Don't intend to be the smartest in the room. Absorb enough to flow in my circle of competence.Be transparent. Openly share my progress. Show integrity through my actions. Shout to the world the help I need, and it often brings them sooner or later.


Know my Ikigai. The mainstream society, my cultural traditions, and the capitalist world dictated my pursuit of life. Until I was introduced to this concept by Chosen Experiences, old constructs start to collapse. Because they are fragile without solid sense. What holds true resides within my consciousness. My clarified truth leads to a full-force path, indistractable from fears.Inquire inward. Society reinforced delusional recipies of success when I didn't see my Ikigai. Now instead of asking for answers to reach external milestones, questioning towards self is the compass. More answers don't lead to certainty. Knowing what and how to ask already ensures me from within. Set a why before everything I do. It strips away stress and induces more flow."To become a good investor, I would need to come to an acceptance of myself as an outsider. The real goal, perhaps, is not acceptance by others, but acceptance of oneself."Guy Spier, The Education of a Value Investor

Conscious Connection

Active listening. Social connection is a primitive need as quenching the thirst and feeding the hunger. Empathy is my strength to hear the real needs. Acknowledge the messages and emotions others openly share with me. Drop the judgments and unsolicited advice. As a result, every conversation becomes an exchange of stimulants and a party of oxytocins, bonded for a lifetime.Be mindful about who I surround myself with. Acceptance in a safe-space community is what energizes me. Standing true to myself empowers me to say no to any distractions that consume my energy. I value intellect, integrity, vision, and mindfulness in a spirit. Sensitivity is my superpower to identity those gems among the crowd.Be reciprocal. Be useful to the world. Give the value I have. Trust that favors will be returned.


Creativity is finding novel connections between often seemingly unrelated things. Humans will evolve by linking subjects across diverse fields that machines can't be taught with the prospering AI and automation technology.Liberate the buried self. For decades I've packaged myself to fit in with the efficiency-driven world. Now I shall share the connectedness I see but not obviously seen by others. Explore the magnificent beauty and divine of the underneath. Go along the Tao and the world goes along me.Inspired by Chase Jarvis,"Creativity is a muscle. It’s a habit not a skill. It’s a process not a product."and The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron."As we open our creative channel to the creator, many gentle but powerful changes are to be expected."

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My Stories

Year 1

1988, my grandpa eagerly expects a son before I am born. He gives me a name 元军 meaning "the leading army".The disappointment sits under the carpet. I learn to behave well to win applause.Love is something I have to please to deserve.......

Year 7

1995, I cry at the Chinese New Year dinner. Accusals from my father sound like a scary monster.I am just moved to see grandma radiating unconditional love to the whole table.But this superpower of sensitivity isn't seen by everyone.......

Year 10

1998, I start to learn English at school. In no time I stand out.A natural instinct to connect puzzles from two different systems.Knowing I am free to understand the reality outside the cage empowers me.Chase the unknown fantasy.......

Year 14

2002, I was bullied in school. The friend I trust chooses to leave me alone. I feel shameful and betrayed.A beforehand peek at the lowest humanity. I gotta fight for myself then. "Try me. No fucking way!"......

Year 17

2005, The teacher ask us spontaneously to write down our dreams. I write two lines.Travel the world with a camera.Prove that I am an independent woman.The whispers plant the seed firmly in the fertilizing mind.......

Year 18

2006, I went to a college I didn't want to go to. My dad insists on it as a safe choice.**I desire something that enables me to travel the world. **"It's too late to change. Just settle with it."His words make me angry.......

Year 23

2011, step one of the greencard journey.I keep going to conferences in MIT and Harvard, hoping one conversation with an influential executive would get me a ticket to the glorious corporates.Zero replies in the inbox.How am I gonna survive this immigrant life?......

Year 29

2017, I am depressed. Another four years of job commitment just for a legal right of residency. I feel suffocated.I quit the job and left the US. Security wasn't my addiction.The rebirth of my consciousness.......

Year 30

2018, on a pitch-dark night in West Sahara with no electricity. The Berbers ask me for a Chinese song.I start the flow. They follow along. People from six nationalities are singing a Chinese song in Northwestern Africa!Why do I try to fit in with the American culture?......

Year 35

2023, living through pandemic in China. My biggest fear becomes my reality.Three years experiencing a different world. Yet I learned to redefine freedom from pains.True freedom lies in your mind.小隐隐于野,大隐隐于市......

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As a Senior Analyst in Wayfair helping the company revenue exceeding billions and other DTC brands achieve more than 50% revenue increase, a data-driven mindset is essential to optimize an online storefront for customers.In the current bloom of direct-to-customer e-commerce brands, building one truly connected to customers' deep desires with a sustainable purpose requires more than data.Underneath the data story, human psychology is the baseline to build a personal connection with customers.Seth Godin's This Is Marketing and Marketing Seminar influenced my DTC brand approach tremendously.
- How to build a brand from 0 to 1?
- How to not have competitors ever for your DTC brand?
- How to find true loyal customers without spending a penny?
- How to increase your e-commerce stores' conversions without any advertisement (e.g. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, affiliate marketing, etc.)?
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